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Weight Loss – 16 Ways to Make it Happen

Losing weight can be patience-testing for many people. Removing those extra layers of sagging fat is not as easy as it may seem, and people tend to ignore this fact while gulping down tubs of ice-cream or attacking deep-fried double crispy burgers. Why fret when the food is so delicious? But every once in a while, we stop and reconsider our lifestyles and eating habits. We look in the mirror and feel ashamed of what we have done to our bodies. We are embarrassed when walking a mile is hard for our limbs. Putting on unhealthy weight is not good, and life-threatening in some cases.

But losing weight is not that difficult either; and, trust us, it does not even require drastically changing one’s eating habits! We understand that dieting is not the go-to option for every individual, so we decided to list all those easy ways which would help reduce weight.

1. Constant Movement For Weight Loss

While fidgeting may seem like an awkward hack, it is not a useless/ inefficient technique for losing weight. In fact, it is very helpful! Not all physically smart people fidget, but almost all those who habitually do so, are slim. Hypothetically speaking, it is possible for a person to get rid of extra pounds by merely being in motion all the time- may it be tapping feet or fingers.

The number of calories burnt per day, due to this activity, varies from person to person, and also on the intensity of movement. But it is estimated that on average, a person may lose a whopping 350 calories of weight in one day! So probably it’s time to not let your fingers and feet sit idle, and get them in motion.

 2. Do Your Chores

Who would like to get that glass of water him/ herself when he/ she has a younger sibling/ house-help to get it? I doubt anyone would. But the importance of doing one’s chores by oneself cannot be emphasized enough. It gives you the opportunity to move around, make your muscles work, and burn useless fat and who knows you might even lose some weight. Expecting someone else to do the job for you would only allow you build up more flesh layers.

  3. Take The Stairs

Probably everyone recommends this to those who are yearning to regain their fitness. While it is very easy to just hop into the lift, press a button, and get to the desired floor, it is not, necessarily, the healthiest thing to do. Taking the stairs requires more will power than most of the regular everyday things, but it is totally worth it. Ignoring the pleas of your protesting and wailing limbs (which will quiet down after the first few days), and climbing flights of stairs not only helps humans lose weight, but also tones down legs.

 4. Physical Sports

Immerse yourself in a physically demanding sport. There is a wide array of options to choose from. Sporting would give you an additional talent, and also the exercises involved in the practices would count as fat burners. It is actually one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. Some examples would be going to the park and playing basketball or throwing the frisbee.


Just take out half an hour every day and dance off to your favourite song. You don’t have to know proper dance steps to do this, trust me. Go with the rhythm, and sway with every beat, just the way your heart desires. If learning dancing skills is on you wish-list, then enroll yourself in a dancing school. Dancing is almost as good as rounds of cardio exercises, which in the long run, target various heavy areas of the body, slimming them in the process.

        6. Hit The Gym

Allow yourself an hour or two at the gym, and train with professional trainers- they know all the right ways to help one achieve what they want. Ask trainers ways which could target the areas you would like to thin, and they would recommend adequate techniques for exertion. Here’s a little piece of advice on how you can be more productive at the gym.

      7. Say No To Fried Foods!

The craving for deep fried chicken is real and resisting this urge is hard. But try to replace this with healthier options. Abstaining from chicken/ meat is not a necessity; but, instead of frying it, steam or bake it. It would not only satisfy your heart’s desire, but also would give you much less calories. If you really can’t resist then make your portions smaller.

     8. Take The Longer Route

We are always in search of a short cut. This is especially the case for college and/or university students who are running late for their classes. But, just deciding to, and then practicing jogging through the longer route can make you walk a few extra miles every week. This, in the long-run, would bring back the weighing needle’s scale by some digits.

     9.Walk To Get Your Meals

What we normally do is order food, especially fast-food, instead of going out ourselves. With this, we are not only taking in bad energy, but also preserving it by not utilizing it (via walking). However, if by making small amends, and rather walking to the nearest food outlet to get meals, one would not only burn tens of calories initially, but also be encouraged to suppress the pangs of craving (just to avoid going on foot).

     10. Substitute Junk Food With Healthy Snacks

When your stomach demands some between-the-hours food, do not give into it with high sugar items. Instead, opt for lighter options, like dried melon seeds and fruits. Physically, healthy snacking will improve your overall health, increase energy levels and help you lose weight. Mentally, healthy snacks can improve concentration, increase memory and enhance mental alertness and awareness.

     11. Cook Your Own Meals

This is a very effective way to see and then control what goes inside your system. One can never accurately predict what others are putting into your dishes, and what nutrition value the constituents really have. By cooking yourself, you can ensure that low-fat oil is being used, and/ or less fatty portions of meat are being put into the meal.

   12. Green Tea

To get rid of the lower belly fat, green tea is a go to option. Make it a part of your everyday life, because it sure does work slowly. There are many flavours to choose from, and many companies provide good quality tea to its customers. Sip into a cup of this tea every morning before breakfast, or after your lunch. It will cleanse your system off toxins, and help cut down bad fat out of your body.

  13. Reduce Weekly Take-Out Orders

Normally people who have just moved out of their parents’ houses tend to order take-out so that they do not have to cook for themselves. Slowly, this develops into a habit, and riddance becomes difficult. We do not recommend you to abruptly stop eating restaurant-prepared food. Instead, reduce the number of weekly take-out orders. Try to prepare your food yourself, and eat out only when the craving exceeds bounds.

     14. Don’t Eat After 7 PM

Make it a rule, keep track of your time. Nothing goes inside your stomach after 7pm; and, pure logic backs this up.

Anything we eat takes up to 6-8 hours to digest completely. After that, energy from food is required to fulfill metabolic needs. If a person is in a state of rest during that time, he/ she would require less energy, and therefore, the digested food would be stored as fat in the body. Not eating after 7pm allows us some time (especially if one is a night owl), after the digestion has taken place, to use the energy produced by some form of physical work, like walking. This would reduce the amount of normally stored energy.

    15. Eating In Portions

One reason why intense dieting fails to work most of the time is because it forces the human system to go in a state of shock. Therefore, it begins to oxidize stored lipids for necessary purposes. Till here, it is all good. But the problem comes when the person ingests food. Since the body is still in the shock-state, it will consider the meal a blessing, and would instantly store it as pure fat in the body, adding to the weight of the person. Hence, it is advisable that people wishing to lose weight eat in portions so that the digestive system does not save all the fat for further usage.

  16. Eat Vegetables

Add them to every dish you eat. Top your pizza with delicious veggies. They will make you feel more full, therefore reducing the all those extra calories you would normally take.


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